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Restoration of 1939 Rover P2 12hp 

The first repair sections are completed- sills, wheel arch, boot opening

Pictures of the work required to restore the sills and lower body

Installing a cooling fan on a Bristol 401

Celebrating classic cars in Ireland-

You probably arrived at this page because you did a search for something relating to classic cars or their restoration- or possibly a classic car or vintage event in Ireland. 

I hope you find something of interest, but in any case Welcome, even if you don't find exactly what you are looking for.

I set up this site as therapy for the disease - or maybe it's an addiction- of classic car ownership.  So far, the therapy has failed- the disease is getting worse.

You won't find any deep philosophy here- just my experiences on the ownership, maintenance and restoration of a selection of classic cars spanning the years from 1939 to 1983 (the cars, that is- not me)

Probably like you. while restoring these cars, or trying to solve problems, I often found myself searching the internet, or hunting through classic car magazines, to find some hints and solutions. I was helped greatly by the generosity of others who have set up their own sites and who have published helpful information and advice on a host of topics. Most of these enthusiasts have given of their time to help others, without any commercial gain, and for this we owe them our thanks.

I'm hoping that with this site I also can give something back, and contribute something in areas where I failed to find solutions. Hopefully these pages will be of some help to anyone contemplating classic car ownership, or maybe to someone who already owns a classic and is thinking about jumping into the bottomless pit which is called "restoration". Or perhaps it will simply entertain the casual visitor.

I could summarise my experience and advice to a would-be classic car restorer in this one sentence:-

No matter how bad it looks on your first appraisal, it will always turn out to be worse!

-Pat Torpey

What's it all about?

 I am working mainly on the cars shown here, and over time I will include details of stuff I have done. I  would be happy to assist anyone with further information if I possibly can, so just e-mail me with your question.
  • (Top Left) 1983 Lynx Spider V12 convertible ( a conversion of the original Jaguar XJS)
  • (Top Right) 1974 Jaguar XJ12L Saloon
  • (Centre Left) 1970 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I


  • (Centre Right) 1946 Triumph Roadster
  • (Bottom Left) 1952 Bristol 401
  • (Bottom Right)1939 Rover 12 Saloon


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