XJS Restoration
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Old rear suspension.jpg (127982 bytes)   Removing the rear suspension cage
Fully restored rear suspension assembly is raised into position Reconditioned rear suspension.jpg (132713 bytes)
rear wing repair-1.jpg (107720 bytes) One of the areas where corrosion had set in- it didn't look bad before the paint was stripped off.
rear wing repair-2.jpg (123863 bytes) All the corroded section was cut out
rear wing repair-3.jpg (111130 bytes) And after the new repair section was fabricated and welded in place
This is a double-skinned area on the left hand rear wheel arch, just above the rear jacking point. You can see the inner panel has been replaced with new metal- the next step is to weld in a new closure plate in the gap shown. On the Lynx convertiple, there is a third panel in the form of a strong reinforcing gussset to be welded in place over the closure panel.

Rear LH arch.jpg (101068 bytes)

And here is the same section on the Driver's side, with the reinforcing gusset in position.

RH Rear arch.JPG (143224 bytes)