Silver Shadow
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Be Warned!

When I bought this car I made the classic mistake of examining it late on a winter's afternoon. It seemed to be basically sound. There was no corrosion under the carpets. There was some filler on the sills and at the corners of the wings, but I was very taken by the overall good condition of the bodywork, chrome and interior, and I assumed it to be cosmetic repairs. Little did I know what this filler concealed


 Lesson 1- it's always worse than you think
Silver1.jpg (27736 bytes)  The rear valance was corroded at each corner. What you see here is after I bought the car, and started to test the panelwork by bashing it with a rubber mallet. This is one sure way of showing up corrosion- but not easy to do before you buy the car.
 It seemed at first to be just a little filler, and I assumed these were just cosmetic defects which someone was in the process of repairing. The fact that the filler was not concealed made me think that the panels were fundamentally sound. Silver2.jpg (26055 bytes)
Silver3.jpg (40420 bytes)  The driver's side rear wing had one perforation which was cut out. This allowed an examination of the remaining area from the inside.
More filler on the right hand sill, at the bottom of the right front wing Silver4.jpg (31290 bytes)
Silver5.jpg (37283 bytes) The rear section of the front left wing had at some time been repaired. Unfortunately the repair was poorly executed, allowing water to penetrate to the bottom of the A-post where corrosion started. The design of this section of the Silver Shadow is poor, and integrity of the wheel arch liner is essential to prevent severe corrosion.
Another view of the right hand wheel arch, behind the wheel. Once again the wheel arch liner had been damaged or incorrectly fitted- water and mud had penetrated into the space, leading to rot at the bottom of the wing section. On this side, the A-post was not corroded (apart from some surface rust). Silver6.jpg (36767 bytes)
Silver7.jpg (36236 bytes) The bottom corner of the front right wing was corroded- not badly, but enough to warrant fitting a repair section. (The "bubbles" on the chrome are just drops of water- all the chromework was in good order)
 The rear end of the right hand sill. The sills were basically reasonably sound- however there were some perforations where water had entered through the holes for the chrome clips. I decided to replace all sills. Silver8.jpg (31339 bytes)
Silver9.jpg (39861 bytes) The boot floor was sound, but corroded beneath the underseal. Removing the underseal was a messy operation, revealing what you see here.
Directly beneath the battery was the only perforation in the boot floor- probably caused by acid from the battery Silver10.jpg (33275 bytes)