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Lynx XJS Spider
Bristol 401
1939 Rover 12
Triumph Roadster
Silver Shadow
Jaguar XJS V12
XJ12 Saloon

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XJS Spyder by Lynx Engineering (1983)

Bought at auction, this XJS-based Lynx convertible was in very original condition. On closer examination there was some corrosion to the chassis rails especially where Lynx Engineering had stiffened the structure at the forward end of the rear wheel arches. Now fully restored after removing all suspect metal and re-welding. Plus a full suspension overhaul, front and rear.

Bristol 401 (1952)

Bought in restored condition, the only grief so far from this wonderful car was in the carburetion (triple Solex carburettors) and the ignition system. Interior restoration let down by cheap carpet and a small area of the headlining which needs repair or replacement- both still to be done.

Rover 12 Saloon (1939)

Another auction purchase, and not my finest hour. I got carried away at auction, captivated by the gleaming black paint finish, the (apparently) perfect chrome and the sheer character of these cars. Since then realism has set in. That same over-enthusiastic paint job by the previous owner has given some grief, because it was covering some very suspect repair work on the door bottoms, currently being sorted. Very sound mechanically, apart from too much play in the steering, sound chassis but badly corroded sills which I am replacing at present (April 2010).

Triumph Roadster 1800 (1946)

Yet another auction purchase, a fully restored roadster in show condition. This car has given no real problems once initial hassle with poor reconditioning of electrics (dynamo, regulator, starter) was overcome.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (1970)

Private purchase in good sound condition, with some visible corrosion to sills and wing bottoms which proved more extensive than at first thought ( as usual!). The subject of a full bodywork restoration with replacement of sills, and wing bottoms (by repair panels), plus full brake overhaul and full interior restoration of woodwork and leather, plus replacement of carpets. There is something very satisfying about driving one of these cars. 

Jaguar XJS V12 Coupe
Bought on e-bay. This car had been under restoration for more than 10 years, with two previous owners. The last owner had done a fine job on the mechanicals, unfortunately let down by a poor paint finish. Drives perfectly. Engine smoky for a few minutes from cold, probably due to  perished valve stem seals, or maybe worn valve guides. For the rest of the day not a trace of smoke. This is also on the to-do list in the near future, first to do a full respray, then the valve seals.

Jaguar XJ12 LWB Saloon

I just can't resist the silky, torquey V12 engine. This car has the carburetted pre-HE V12 engine, and the same mechanicals as the XJS (apart from the fact that the early cars had the Borg Warner automatic gearbox, which was later replaced by the GM Hydramatic). Also bought on e-bay, with some rust but otherwise unmolested. I drove the car for a few months, found some relatively minor problems with the fuel system, and started to work on these. That was nearly three years ago, and I have done virtually nothing on this car to date, apart from overhauling the carburettors and the fuel pumps.